Registry-Focused Round-up at The Big Event 2018

    Posted by MAIA on September 14, 2018

    The Big Event 2018 has a number of registry and auto-focused sessions based on our members most frequently asked questions taking place on Saturday, October 27th. MAIA is happy to have the RMV team, including Registrar Deveney, along with MAIA's in-house expert, Kathy Cormier on the speaking roster. We've listed some of the selections  to help you stay up-to-speed with the ever-changing RMV.

    Registry - What's New?

    Join Erin Deveney, Registrar, Colleen Ogilvie, Deputy Registrar and ATLAS Program Project Manager Team, Mary Tibma, Deputy Registrar for Service Channels and Demand Management and Tom Bowes, Director of Merit Rating Board for this hour-long session. This presentation will review ATLAS release one changes that affected the Insurance industry and what the industry can expect from release 2. You will: gain a better understanding of what the final implementation will look like, learn about the ATLAS timeline and improvements in day-to-day operations. This is an opportunity for agents to see how the RMV is working to ensure you have the information needed to provide the best possible service to our shared customers. 

    Registry - Bring your Qs we Hope to have the As

    Meet the RMV team who can answer your question(s) from the simple to the most complex.  This is a time to hear from an experienced team of professionals who have the knowledge about all registry-related topics, including merit rating, service center operations, and new Atlas policies and procedures. Now is your opportunity to ask questions, get clarifications, and make comments.

    RMV Records: What Can You Share with Your Customer? 

    Topics Include: a. Review the three new types of records now available b. Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act; why do you have access c. What can you share with your customers from driving records that YOU obtain from your access to RMV d. DVS overview.

    Section 5 – What is it and Usage/Restrictions

    Topics include: What is Section 5? Usage and restrictions. Office space for all general registration plate types. Plate types and compliance decals.

    Financial Responsibility and Ignition Interlock Device 

    Topics include: What is SR-22; SR-22 Requirements; What is Financial Responsibility; look at the rules MAP Cancellation of Coverage if SR-22 is required; how to get coverage; Extra Risk Rating Ignition Interlock Device; Melanie’s Law; Operators Responsibility; Installation; Violations.

    What is a Commercial Vehicle ? 

    Topics include: A look at the state/federal definitions of a CM, the state regulation for registration and examination of several case studies.



    For additional Registry of Motor Vehicle questions, please contact Kathy Cormier at or 800-742-6363. 


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