RLI Personal Umbrella Rate Change

    Posted by MAIA on February 11, 2020

    Umbrella RLI

    MAIA's Number One Insurance Agency would like you to know that, effective April 1, 2020 for New Business, and June 1, 2020 for Renewals, RLI Personal Umbrella base rates will increase an average 5-6% for both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. On the positive side, while it is an increase, it is less than the market trend and has no change in underwriting requirements. 

    If you have a carrier that is renewing with significant increases and/or new underlying carrier limit requirements – please consider RLI.  We know the “remarketing workload” is cumbersome and RLI has stepped up with some resources to assist you.  Just reach out to Angelina and she and RLI will work to provide your agency and your clients a smooth transition.

    Why RLI Personal Umbrella is different:

    • Standalone Policy Written Over Any Underlying Carriers
    • Admitted in All 50 States & Washington, DC
    • Excess UM/UIM Coverage Offered in All 50 States & Washington, DC
    • No Age Limit on Drivers
    • Self-Underwriting Application
    • Easy Online Quoting & Access

    See why agents place their insureds with RLI!  Visit Number One's RLI Personal Umbrella webpage today, or contact Angelina Coelho, Program Manager at acoelho@massagent.com or at 508-634-7360.

    To ensure you are always accessing the current application version and accurate rates, we recommend that you use “PUP ACCESS,” which gives you direct access the RLI website. Contact Angelina to obtain PUP ACCESS or learn more.


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