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    Posted by MAIA on December 6, 2017

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    Effective immediately, non-EVR dealers may submit two copies of the Application for Registration and Title (RMV-1) form for a transaction:

    • An original RMV-1 form completed by the dealer that includes all of the sales information and has the owner(s) and dealers signature


    • A faxed or scanned copy of the RMV-1 form with proof of insurance

    Both of the RMV-1 forms must be completed in full and the information must match.  They must both be submitted and sent with the batch work to be scanned.

    This mirrors the current process for what is accepted from EVR dealers that encounter an error and need to process the transaction at a Service Center.  This process is not changing.

    Non-EVR dealers may also select to submit one RMV-1 form: an original completed by the dealer with proof of insurance.

    NOTE:  RMV-1 forms are acceptable with information that is handwritten, electronically populated, or a combination of both.

    How Dealers Should Request Insurance Certification

    In order to obtain insurance verification, dealers should have the customer contact his/her insurance agency/company to notify them of the vehicle purchase.  After obtaining the insurance agency/company contact information from the customer, the dealer should fax the following information to the insurance agency/company:

    • Copy of the RMV-1 form, completed in full and signed by both the customer and the dealer. The dealer signature is only required for MA dealers (EVR and non-EVR).  The dealer signature is not required for out-of-state dealers.
    • Signed copy of the front and back of the Title or Certificate of Origin assigned to the customer (proves person purchased the vehicle)
    • Copy of the manufacturer’s features and options (be sure to include vehicle safety features)
    • Fax cover letter asking for insurance certification for the newly purchased vehicle
      • Please include contact information on your fax cover letter (name and phone number plus return fax number)

    If a dealer fails to follow these requirements, they risk having the insurance agency/company reject the insurance verification request.  In addition, failure to fully complete the RMV-1 form and/or provide the required documentation will result in rejection at a Service Center.

    Casual Sales

    There is no change in the process for casual sales.  Only one RMV-1 form, that is completed in full and includes proof of insurance, should be submitted. 

     For additional Registry of Motor Vehicle questions, 
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