Several Personal Umbrella Carriers to Implement Major Changes

    Posted by MAIA on August 14, 2019


    Recent announcements from several personal umbrella carriers outline major changes in coverage that will leave agents scrambling to find new markets for their clients.

    For example, one major standalone umbrella carrier will begin requiring underlying auto liability limits of at least $1 million in some states and $500,000 in all others. That carrier will also require $1-million underlying uninsured/underinsured motorist limits when excess UM/UIM is purchased.

    Other carriers, meanwhile, have announced that they will be non-renewing all of their personal umbrellas nationwide.

    Number One Can Help!


    During this time, remember that you can turn to Number One Insurance Agency for RLI Insurance—the Big “I"-endorsed stand-alone personal umbrella carrier—when you’re scrambling to find coverage that offers reasonable underlying limit requirements for your MA insureds.

    RLI allows auto limits as low as $100,000/$300,000 for many customers—$500,000/$500,000 limits are only required if there's a DUI in the household. Excess UM/UIM coverage is also available nationwide. Underlying UM/UIM limits simply need to match the auto liability limits.


    For more information, contact our RLI Program Manager, Angelina Coelho at 508-634-7360. She will work with you and beside you to understand and sell the RLI policy features.


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