What Comes with That Liquor Liability Policy?

    Posted by MAIA on November 5, 2019

    NumberOneLiquorImageWhen you get a Hospitality Mutual liquor liability policy through Number One, it comes with lots of resources from the carrier to support your insured, such as:

    And if your insured uses any of the above risk management items, be sure they share with their application for rate considerations!

    What DOESN'T come with that Liquor Liability Policy?

    Hospitality Mutual is an admitted carrier in Massachusetts, so there are NO fees, NO surplus lines taxes, and NO changes in coverage without proper notice! (And they have financial backing by the State Guarantee Fund!)

    The timing is NOW for many Hospitality risks to submit their Liquor Liability Applications for renewal. Visit Number One’s Hospitality webpage for applications, submission instructions, and Secure Submission Portal


    If you have any questions, just call Lori Kane at (508) 634-7361


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