What the New Hands-Free Driving Law Means for Your Clients

    Posted by MAIA on November 26, 2019

    Here are a few details that your MA auto clients should know about the new Hands-Free Driving Law:  It takes effect February 23, 2020. It will be illegal for drivers to do anything other than tap their cellphone once to activate hands-free mode – and that includes texting, calling, and programming the GPS app. Fines for a first and second offense are $100 and $250, respectively. The real kicker comes with a third offense, when the fine goes up to $500 AND the driver gets a 6-year surcharge on their insurance.* And although there will be a grace period until March 31, during which first-time offenders will receive only a warning, it might be safer not to mention that. 

    *Clarification:  The surcharge is for 5 years, but the offender will not receive the full clean driving record for 6 years.

    We will share more relevant details as they become available.





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