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    I have an insured who I just did a  transfer for she went from a leased vehicle to an owned vehicle.  I got her new PAN plates.  

    The previous plates were a PAR which belonged to her deceased brother which now the leasing company owns. She has possession of the plates and is waiting for a letter from the dealer to sign the plates over to her.     I had to get her new plates because she needed it done ASAP.   

    I need to cancel the lease vehicle off of her policy,  She would like to transfer the PAR plates back to her new car once she gets letter from dealer. 

    Can I advise the insured to cancel the plates on line so I can get PRR and so that plate is not active any longer with that leased vehicle and once she is ready to put the PAR plate back on the new vehicle  she can reactive plate?


    Kathy Cormier: I would use the paperwork showing that she no longer has the leased vehicle to remove it from the policy.  Once she received the letter from the leasing company she can swap the plate on the vehicle.

    Agent:  She already got new plates for her newly acquired vehicle.  The insurance company will see that that the lease is still registered.

    So is it possible for her to cancel plate and have it reinstate later?   I believe we have done that before?

    Thanks for getting back to me

    Kathy Cormier:  Yes, she can cancel the registration, but currently it is in the name of the leasing company and I believe that you would have to submit the cancellation form.

    I cannot guarantee that the plate will still be available if it is marked as cancelled.  When you cancel the plate you are certifying that you will destroy the plate and if someone is looking for that particular plate number they could get it reassigned...this happened with my plate. 

    I have a sandwich plate (number, letter, number) that someone cancelled.  A friend of my husband knows someone at the RMV that search all plates with a K and I got a list of plates that were showing cancelled and selected the plate I wanted.  Typically if the plate is revoked you have 1 year to reinstate it before it goes public, but if it is cancelled someone can grab it.  In my case, if the holder of my plate tried to reactivate he plate later he couldn’t because it is now my plate.

    Good luck with whatever  they decide.

    Agent:  So if it revoked you have one year, but cancelled someone can grab it.

    I thought I had an insured who had the registry hold a plate for him, they used to keep it in the branch,  now they tell them to hold

    It until ready to place it on a vehicle,  what would that situation be?

    Kathy Cormier: If you have someone that will hold the plate that should work...I only told you my story on how I got my plate so you could see that it is not a guarantee.  He can cancel it and hold onto it until ready to put on another guarantees.

    I think that if they want a guarantee that it will be available, they should sign it over to a family member to put on a vehicle until they are ready to register a car and have the family member reassign it back to them.

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