Streaming Class: E&O II Review, Plan, Prepare, Activate & Monitor


This course is geared towards any agency or company employee. We will have a goal of reducing E & O situations and / or eliminating E & O payouts through a knowledge base methodology of issues in today’s world.

By attending this program, Utica Policyholders may meet the educational requirements needed for a possible discount on their E&O policy! Contact the Number One Insurance Agency for details at (800) 742-6363.


  • Look at ways to help avoid and reduce areas that lend themselves to triggering exposures based on the “Best Practices” approach.
  • Review what E & O attorneys determine as problem situations and work towards remedying.
  • Work flow management from handling an application, endorsement request, binder, certificate, cancellations and claims
  • The renewal department for the agency of the future…oh wait; it’s here for some proactive agencies
  • What do you mean not all companies are alike and what exposure does that create
  • Too many topics to list in this fast paced 3-hour session

REGISTRATION:         8:30 a.m.

CLASS TIME:               9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


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