Streaming Class - Producer Fraud Training


This program is geared to train producers and customer service representatives who handle automobile insurance on fraud recognition and claim reporting. The information will provide an overview of the impact of fraud on the insurance market and show how producers and staff can assist in the fight against fraud. This course meets the State Mandated Fraud Training Requirement.


WHO: Under the Assigned Risk Plan, ALL agencies will be considered an assigned risk producer (ARP). As such, ALL agencies are subject to this training. The Division of Insurance has also stated that this training applies to both personal and commercial lines employees.

WHY: As stated in MAIP Rule 31 – All employees who process Automobile policies are required to attend a fraud class by January 16, 2008. The rule itself states:

B. Ongoing Assigned Risk Producer Requirements and Responsibilities

14. The ARP and his or her employees will be required to receive training on claims reporting and fraud recognition. For current ARPs and employees, such training must be completed within six (6) months of the initial implementation of MAIP. For new ARPs, such training must be completed within six (6) months of certification by the Governing Committee or its designee to immediately submit motor vehicle insurance policies for placement in the MAIP with an ARC or LADC. For new employees, such training must be completed within six (6) months of hire.

**NOTE: The STATE MANDATED Fraud Prevention Training will be REQUIRED for ALL Security Administrators per the MA Division of Insurance.**


  • Provide information that will increase producer's awareness of policy fraud.
  • Provide information regarding the legal consequences of policy fraud and the affect on your client's claim payout.
  • Review the questions on the application that if answered falsely, incompletely, or in a misleading or deceptive way can give rise to an insurer's right to take action.
  • Discuss the rights that an insurer may have under other provisions of the Mass Auto Policy when false information is provided.
  • Discuss what you can do up front to recognize and stop premium fraud so that your clients' claims can be processed.


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